By G9ija

The actress and UNHCR Special Envoy is doing less acting these days and more making the world a better place through her tireless advocacy, which includes travelling to worn-torn countries to help refugees.

And when it comes to potentially employing her skills in the highest office of all we’re talking White House, the star hasn’t slapped a big fat no on the idea. ‘Never say never,’ the 43-year-old told People this week. But right now I am looking to others for leadership.

As one of the leading voices on the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative, she added: I try to speak for what I believe in. The fight for equal rights and for women and girls to be no longer treated like second class citizens’ is a fight particularly close to Angelina’s heart.

If you look across the world, there are far too many women and girls who are not only not seeing progress,’ she said. Their rights are slipping away from them. Right now her main drive is to put forward a proposal for a permanent international body to oversee the investigation of war crimes that are gender-based, including mass rape.

I always say I’ll go where I’m needed, I don’t know if I’m fit for politics, but then I’ve also joked that I don’t know if I have a skeleton left in my closet so I’m pretty open and out there,’ she said. I honestly will do whatever I think can really make change, and right now I am able to work with a UN agency that is the most in the field of all the UN agencies, to do a lot of work directly with the people in need.’

It’s a mighty task for someone who is still so intrinsically linked to the movie world, her new film Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil out in October, but hey she’s trying to be the change she wants to see in the world.