By G9ija

Former City goalkeeper Andy Dibble says Ederson is not only the best keeper in the Premier League but is the world’s best.

He said: “Ederson is the best in the Premier League for me,”.

“He’s so calm and composed and there’s none better in my opinion. I watched him against Newport on a poor, bumpy pitch where he was getting balls pinged at him continually to his feet and he was dealing with everything with no problem.

“It was a like a poor Sunday League pitch, and he was always available, wanting the ball. Alisson and Kepa are great keepers, too, but Ederson has everything and he is the world’s best.”

Dibble added that he will delighted to coach a talented goalkeeper like Ederson.

“It would be an interesting project!” he laughed.

“With a keeper like that, you’d just keep him ticking over whereas you’d focus on the No.2 and No.3 keepers so that they are ready to go if needed.

“I don’t think there’s much you could teach a talent like Ederson.”