By G9ija

Following a 6-1 6-4 win over a wounded Isner, Federer refuted the notion that he received preferential treatment but accepted umpires can be tougher on outside courts while pointing out that experienced show court match officials are simply more familiar with tennis’ bigger names.

It’s a tough one but what I do feel sometimes is that on the outside courts, more than just preferential treatment to the top guys, they are tougher on the rules,’ Federer told AFP.

You do something, bang, warning. It’s like there is no messing about.

But with the umpires with the top guys on the main courts, I think the umpires know the top guys, they know their problems, they know how they behave and how they will react, so they know what acting stupid or silly means and what normal is.

So because we know each other very well, I think it’s easier for an umpire to handle a top player who they know over an up-and-coming guy like Tsitsipas or a young guy and that sometimes gets lost in translation and maybe bad mistakes can happen.

But I don’t see preferential treatment, there shouldn’t be. If I get warnings, I got one recently and it’s normal.

So they should just, based on what happens, take those decisions and I really feel the umpires do that. I am sorry that Stefanos feels that way.