By G9ija

Norway’s stunning underwater restaurant finally opens for business. And we cannot wait to visit. Last year we told you about the development of Under, which lies half submerged at the southernmost point of Norway’s coastline.

But now the restaurant, which is the first of its kind in Europe, has opened its doors for guests to experience fine dining and truly magical submarine views. The name ‘Under’ is particularly clever, because in Norwegian the word means both ‘below’ and ‘wonder.’ Which seems fitting.

The building is 111 feet long, and tips dramatically into the ocean, with the lower end of the building resting on the seabed. And it’s ecologically-minded as well the structure is built to eventually integrate into its marine environment. The rough surface of the concrete shell will function as an artificial reef, which means small animals like limpits and kelp can actually live on the exterior walls.

While the other-worldly design has us picturing Bond-villain levels of glamour, it’s understandable if the thought of eating with tons of sea water just above the ceiling is a little unnerving. But don’t worry, the thick concrete walls allow it to withstand pressure and shock from the sea around it.

Also, the restaurant has been designed to feel incredibly open, with three levels, large windows, and plenty of space for the 100 guests to move around – so claustrophobia shouldn’t be an issue. And the food looks unreal. Guests will get to exerience fine dining based on locally-sourced produce and sustainable wildlife capture.

Unsurprisingly, seafood features heavily on the menu. Nicolai Ellitsgaard from the acclaimed restaurant Måltid in Kristiansand is the Head Chef, and he has chosen a 16-person kitchen team from top Michelin restaurants – so you can expect the very best.

Under isn’t only about breathtaking architecture and gourmet cuisine, the building also houses a marine research facility. Research teams will be on site to study marine biology and fish behavior with the aim of documenting the population, behavior, and diversity of species that live in the surrounding areas.