By G9ija

The head of the state panel that just last month barred tycoon acquaintances from funding the legal defense of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has resigned, reportedly over the “political pressure” to which he’s been subject.

The Ynet news site reported Saturday that retired judge Oni Habash, the chairman of the State Comptroller’s Permits Committee, told associates that such pressures were what led him to the decision, which he even mentioned in his resignation letter that he submitted earlier this month.

However, the report did not elaborate on what exactly that pressure was or from which direction it was coming.

Responding to the resignation, opposition chair Shelly Yachimovich called on State Comptroller Yosef Shapira to urgently investigate the political pressures Habash mentioned.

She likened Habash’s decision to resign to something that would occur in the mafia and accused Netanyahu of refusing to accept “no” for an answer.

Habash had headed the three-person panel, which ruled in February that wealthy acquaintances could not foot Netanyahu’s hefty legal bills in the pending corruption indictment he faces.