By G9ija

Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has become the topic of social media discussion after a video of her going fully naked on MC Galaxy’s Instagram live feed filtered into the internet.

The new video comes barely a week after MC Galaxy was accused of paying girls to go naked on his Instagram page. He, however, denied this.

In the new video, Etinosa who was visibly enthused, joined MC Galaxy on Instagram live, shouting her intentions to go nude.

“I wanna go naked naked naked,” she kept saying, as she picked up a shot of what was perceived to be alcohol.

Getting an idea that Etinosa was possibly ‘high’ on alcohol, MC Galaxy asked his viewers, “do you people want Etinosa to do this?” he questioned as he tried to exonerate himself, “I no de there o,” he added.

While at it, MC Galaxy opined to play a track to spice things up as she repeatedly said, “I wanna get naked naked naked.”

Etinosa, who sounded unapologetic about her action, said she wanted to be ‘expressive’ with her body.

Perceived to be having relationship issues, she said “I know my boyfriend has logged in to see what is going on. Thunder will fire my boyfriend. I am ready to end the relationship,” she added as she rained insults on him.

When MC Galaxy asked her where her boyfriend was, she said “we have broken up, e don stress me tire. Every day, I’m sorry, I am tired,” she said.

MC Galaxy who seemed to be enjoying the view kept grinning and chuckling as he read comments trooping in on his page.

Obviously troubled about life, Etinosa told MC Galaxy that she was tired of living her life to please people.

Fielding requests from viewers who wanted to see her completely naked, Etinosa decided to feed their eyes and undressed.

Mixed reactions have however trailed the recent video. While some expressed utter disgust, others saw nothing wrong with it.

#LetHer (@magghiee) said: “How would someone even say MC Galaxy has no fault in it, God!!! What’s wrong with Nigerian men and Women!!!! Save us!!!”

“So I heard a drunk Etinosa sent her friends away from her room before stripping naked on MC Galaxy live video and we are putting all the blame on MC Galaxy? Am I missing something?,” Prof. Yinka (@GalacticoNG) said.

“Etinosa was drunk, Etinosa is going through heartbreak, MC Galaxy should have ended the call………..chai, this generation will always create excuses for sluts doing whores’ stuffs. If it wasn’t live on instagram, we might hear “rape” or something else. Etinosa is a slut!!,” OONI OF ABUJA (@Deji_OoniAbj)

“Other girls did it but they were desperate for money and stupid . Etinosa did it and she was drunk . FOH! She wasn’t drunk when she opened the IG app, she wasn’t drunk when she went live but she was drunk when she undressed herself. Don’t let me even talk,” LepaBoy (@KayKross28) said.