By G9ija

American rapper, Chance stunned his fiancée, Kirsten Corey on Wednesday 13th of February 2019.

The rapper had the luxurious Barneys Chicago store close early on Monday so that his fiancée, Kirsten Corley, could have the place to herself as she went on a shopping spree.

Page Six reports that Corley shopped until she apparently dropped and left the store with four extra-large shopping bags and four garment bags filled with clothing, shoes and accessories.
According to reports, they enjoyed bite-sized sandwiches, Champagne and macaroons while shopping.
The 25 years old musician, shared some videos of their exclusive experience on his Instagram Stories, where he showed off the empty store and their snacks.

Chance and Corley began dating in 2013 but broke up sometime in 2016. They later got back together and the rapper proposed in July 2018.