By G9ija

In a statement by its State Publicity Secretary, Tunde Ashaolu, the PDP noted that rather than telling the people what their party had done in the last three years, the APC leaders including its national leader, Bola Tinubu, allegedly resorted to attacking and insulting the Senate President.

“All through their campaign today, all they could do was to cast aspersion on the person of Dr Bukola Saraki. Most comments at the rally were nothing but verbal attacks, invectives, character assassination and subterfuge,” Ashaolu said.

“We are, however, not surprised by the rantings of all the APC leaders particularly that of Tinubu, who has always been embittered by the rising political profile of the Senate President. He is always disturbed and frustrated at the mere mention of the name, Saraki.

“Also of note was the inability of the factional governorship candidate of the party, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to make any convincing statement at the rally.

He was blank, inexpressive and could not articulate any practicable policy direction or clear-cut programme or solutions to the challenges facing. Kwara.“Abdulrahman’s drab speech at the rally clearly revealed his emptiness and lack of understanding of real issues facing Kwara. He certainly cannot provide the needed leadership to drive growth, economic development and prosperity for Kwarans.

“The APC and its leaders should note that no amount of propaganda and subterfuge can detract the love and support of good people of Kwara for Dr Bukola Saraki and the PDP.

“Kwarans are ready to deliver their votes for all candidates of our party in the coming elections. They have seen through the propaganda and deceptions of the APC and cannot be beguiled to voting the party. Kwara is PDP and PDP is Kwara,” he added.

Similarly, Saraki in an earlier state.ant has described the APC rally and alleged attacks against him as an expression of the frustration within the ruling party.