By G9ija

A yet to be identified couple was found lifeless inside their car in the Maryland axis of the state.

It was reported that the duo was found inside the car in their mood of discussion. It was unclear if the couple were in an intimate mood before they met their death.

Pictures from the scene revealed that they were dressed but both seated at the front seat of the car.

A Facebook user, Azeez Adekoya took to his Facebook handle to share the sad news.

The alarms from the residents in the area were what directed the police to swing into action and visited the scene.

Azeez Adekoya, in his report said that the police had since evacuated the corpse and that investigation to ascertain the real cause of the incident is still underway. Adekoya said that the police operatives who visited the scene assured the residents that the force will do all its best to bring the supposed perpetrators of the crime to book.