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Storm Erik will continue to batter the UK today with strong winds before snow showers hit some parts of the country.

Footage showed a British Airways plane forced to abandon its initial landing at Heathrow airport after strong winds put the aircraft off-balance seconds before it was about to touch down

Also on Friday a tree fell on to a double-decker bus in Dorset, but no injuries were reported. A weather warning for wind on Saturday has been extended to cover most of the UK, while in Scotland heavy rain is expected into the afternoon, with a risk of flooding in some parts, the Met Office said.

A separate yellow warning for heavy rain is also in effect for much of the country until the same time. According to the Met Office, the strongest winds are to be expected in southern Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland.

Much of the country will see strong winds and rain showers, some mixed with hale and becoming thundery, meteorologist Alex Burkill said. ‘It’s going to be another very windy one, particularly across northern England, Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern Wales. They’re going to have very strong winds.

London North Eastern Railway said an 80mph speed restriction has been placed on trains between Leeds and York because of the wind, meaning journeys are being delayed.

Highways England said the A20 near Dover remains closed while a CCTV mast that had been seen swaying in the wind above the carriageway is repaired.

As winds ease off later on Saturday, some hill snow is forecast in central and southern parts of England and into Wales, Mr Burkill said, before calmer conditions on Sunday.

Parents forced to pay £2 ‘ransom’ if teachers catch children on phones ‘That (hill snow) will clear through Sunday morning, with blustery showers following behind.

Meanwhile, in the north it’s going to be a fairly bright day. There will be a few showers perhaps and it could turn windy but not as windy as today by any means.

Not many showers are expected from mid-morning onwards, with a chance of a bright if blustery afternoon across the Midlands and Eastern England.

The blustery conditions are expected to die down later this weekend but further difficult conditions are forecast.

On Saturday night there will be some rain across southern England with snow falling over hills in places. There will be showers in western and northern areas, with frost and fog forming as winds ease.