By G9ija

The National Action Council (NAC) have endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari as its presidential candidate for the 2019 election.

The party made this known on Saturday during a press conference by its presidential candidate, Rabia Cengiz in Abuja.

Rabia Cengiz explained that the decision was due to Buhari’s sterling performance in office thus far.

“We also appeal to all other political parties to properly educate their members in the art of electioneering,” he said.

“They must see and take the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as supreme in the course of going through the electoral process.

“They must resist the temptation to go against the law either by violence, financial inducement, bad blood or any form of electoral misconduct that the law frowns at.

“The election is not a do or die affair, and any political ambition is not worth a single drop of any Nigerian citizen.

“We must all go to the poll as brothers and sisters. The success of our elections depends on our collective will.”