By G9ija

Kanye West is being sued for using a viral clip of a little girl praying in the audio of his track Ultralight Beam because he asked the wrong mum for their permission.

Four-year-old Natalie caught Kanye’s attention when a video went viral of her praying on Instagram.

The rapper decided he wanted to include her prayer in his track and sought out her mother to ask for her permission to do so.

But, despite Kanye having the right intention, it turns out he actually asked Natalie’s biological mum and not her adoptive mum, Shirley Green, who is now suing the star, along with her husband Andrew, as they are Natalie’s legal guardians.

In documents obtained by TMZ, the Greens say they adopted Natalie in December 2012 and claim Natalie’s biological mother Alice Johnson ‘has no legal right’ to give Kanye the go-ahead to use audio of their daughter.

The Greens also claim that Kanye ‘never sent’ a written license agreement and payment to Alice like he was supposed to.

They are suing Kanye in the hope of receiving some of the profits made from the track – that features on his The Life of Pablo album – and for other damages.