By G9ija

42 countries are going to take part in the competition this year, and we can’t wait to see the unique excellence that we expect from this glorious tradition.

The Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals will be on May 14 and 16 this year, with the grand finale on May 18.

For the first time Tel Aviv, Israel will be hosting the final, following the country’s win last year with Toy by Netta.

2018 was the fourth time that Israel won the Eurovision contest, but until now, the finales hosted by Isreal have been held in Jerusalem.

Eurovision final will feature 26 of the current 42 competing countries.

Six countries have already pre-qualified for the grand final on May 18 – France, Italy, Germany, Spain the UK and Israel, as the host nation.

Aside from Israel, those other five pre-approved countries – known as the ‘Big Five’ – automatically get a place in the final because they’re the five main bank-rollers of the whole operation.

The other 20 nations are going head to head in the two semi-finals on the Tuesday and Thursday before the main event to secure their places – with the top 10 ranking countries from each semi-final progressing to the finals on Saturday May 18.