By G9ija

MVP suggested Daley may retire after their much-anticipated showdown, and believes his rival’s emotions will get the better of him.

Daley and Page have enjoyed a tense feud for the last three years, but were unable to come to terms on a fight until they were drawn against each other in Bellator’s welterweight grand prix this month.

Page, 13-0, is the less experienced welterweight, but credits Daley with little to none development in his near 60-fight MMA career.

Daley’s record boasts 40 wins and 16 losses, fighting the likes of Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley, Nick Diaz and Jake Shields. With all of his experience.

Daley expects Page’s confidence to be his undoing.I think he is underestimating me, and maybe I would have come in angry had I not prepared so well.

I feel like I’m fully aware of what he brings and I think that is completely opposite of what he thinks I’m going to do. I think that will be crucial in winning this fight.

He’s failed to analyse everything. Even though he’s a grown man, that’s down to his immaturity. ‘My greatest asset is my continual development from fight to fight. In every fight I’m a different fighter.

Even these kind of situations being interviewed and press conferences, I handle myself differently. He’s betting on the old me to be victorious. ‘That’s not what he’s going to get. That started a long time ago and part of today’s display is just some of that. I felt I was composed and dealt with the situation very well.’

Daley, 35, still has six fights left on his Bellator contract and dismissed the idea retirement could be a possibility next week.

Michael is… I saw in a previous interview he called me delusional, but he’s the more delusional of the two [of us] if he thinks I’m going to retire,’ Daley insisted.

I am very together person. I would never, first imagine losing to this guy and secondly imagine retiring. ‘It makes no sense to knock him out and retire, or lose and retire.

I’ve got a million dollars on the line and six fights left on my Bellator contract. ‘I know I have so much more to give. It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s a comment from an immature person trying to be more clever than he actually is by trying placing those thoughts in my head.

It’s a rookie move. It shows his level of intelligence.