By G9ija

Esha Gupta has tendered an apology letter to Arsenal and Super Eagles’ star Alex Iwobi over the racial comment she made about the 22-year-old striker.

The 33-year-old Indian film actress has been heavily criticized by football fans around the world after the racial abuse she shared with a friend about the Nigerian football star.

Gupta shared the conversation she had with a friend on social media, and her decision to have done that did not go well with many football fans.

Esha Gupta has written an apology letter to Arsenal star Alex Iwobi begging him for forgiveness over her gaffe.

I am extremely sorry for my ignorant action last Friday. Being an ardent fan of many years, I was deeply engrossed and caught up in the game. clearly did not realize the racial undertone.

For this, I am deeply regretful. I cannot begin to imagine how much I have hurt your sentiments.

Racism has absolutely no place in my heart, and I promise you, for whatever it’s worth, going forward this will never happen again.

I hope the club can accept my humblest apology and give me the opportunity to make amends. I promise to be very responsible from here on,” Gupta wrote in her letter.

Meanwhile, Alex Iwobi has played 22 Premier League games this season for Arsenal scoring two goals and created four assists for the North London club.