By G9ija

Celebs went into a relationship with London star Hughes has claimed Gemma Collins’ leaked rant, which saw the GC slamming co-stars beneath her ‘TV level’, is about her.

The 29-year-old comedian and Gemma were both looking for love on the E4 series last year, but an unearthed recording of the Towie star slagging off the cast and shouting at producers is now doing the rounds.

London has since claimed she feels ‘triggered’ by the clip, insisting she’s the culprit in Gemma’s firing line. ‘Looool life’s so funny I swear.

I’m so triggered by that recording!!! I can’t even, like, Gemma Collins doesn’t think I have star quality!!?’ she tweeted. ‘Ahhh kjhdjjjfkkkkfs I’m not even mad, I’m honoured. I want it as my ringtone.’

Gemma’s been plagued by reports of backstage tantrums during her current stint on Dancing on Ice and been embroiled in a particularly vicious spat with judge Jason Gardiner.

The recording, obtained by The Sun, does little to help her case. In it, she refuses to travel to Wales because she’s a ‘fucking star’, stressed that she makes the rest of the cast look better on camera and pleaded for a counsellor because she was ‘about to kill herself’.

‘I’m like a fucking star, you can’t put me hanging around all day for that, for this – what am I hanging around for?’ she yelled through the tears.

street’ ‘If you want me film me in Essex, if not just send your money back. I’m not going to film with three people in Wales.

‘I’m not filming with people that are not star quality.’ She snapped: ‘Find another celeb. Unless you’re filming in Essex. ‘Other people in this show ain’t really as important as me. I’m the best one.’

At the time, Gemma was shooting the show with Tallia Storm, comedian London Hughes and Olympian Jade Jones. Talia eventually went on to release a single paying tribute to Gemma, in a bizarre track called It’s The GC.