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In the latest edition of her vlog, the media personality talked about the latest trend where married men knowingly go after single women. She went on to talk about how these married men have said ”being married is not a disease.”

For Toke Makinwa, she has made up her mind in 2019 to block these set of men on all her social media platforms.  

“When next you meet a guy that is confident to say to your face that he is married, chop his money and run away,” she concluded.

Toke Makinwa

If you follow Toke Makinwa closely on all her social media platforms, statements like this won’t come to you as a surprise. She is very vocal doesn’t really care about your views when she shares her thoughts on different topics especially on relationships and marriages.

Toke Makinwa says men with money don’t complain when they help women

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa is shaking a table that has a lot of men on it as she says men with money don’t usually complain when they want to help a woman. The media personality made this known via her Instagram page.

“You will never hear a guy that has money complaining about women loving money, it’s always the Gorillas with coins,” she wrote. The post by Toke Makinwa will definitely start off a conversation which is not actually new. As some people have always been of this same opinion like that of Toke Makinwa.

Toke Makinwa at Glitz Style Awards 2017

Well, I think by now we have all come to the conclusion that, a day will never go by without Toke Makinwa shaking tables, falling in love, reducing her standards or spec of men. It’s one day, one Toke Makinwa gist and she has never failed to deliver.

Toke Makinwa says she is no longer into dark-skinned men

Toke Makinwa
toke makinwa reveals that she had her body fixed in 2018

toke makinwa reveals that she had her body fixed in 2018.

According to Makinwa, she no longer finds dark chocolate guys attractive. Well, light-skinned brothers who have been crushing on Toke…the gates of heaven have been opened for you guys, slide into her DM and do your thing.

2019 might just be your year of walking Toke Makinwa down the aisle.