By G9ija

In recent times, we often hear intriguing stories of how wedding couples go every length to make their special occasions memorable.

Being one of the most important occasions in one’s life, many pull up surprises that register in the minds of patrons forever. Such is the case of a couple who have gone viral after deciding to do something unprecedented on their wedding day.

They used a construction car, a backhoe to be precise, as their wedding car.

The bride sitting in the loader of the backhoe, the bride and her flower girls were spotted sitting comfortably in the loader of the backhoe which had been adorned with pink and white balloons and other bridal materials.

Beautifully-dressed in a white gown, the bride could be seen smiling as she waved cheerfully while the vehicle moved.

Interestingly, the construction car was followed by many luxurious cars which all formed part of the long wedding convoy. It is not yet known exactly where the wedding took place but suggestions on social media indicate that it happened somewhere in Nigeria.

Looking at the long line of luxurious vehicles in the wedding convoy, many have been wondering why the couple decided to use the backhoe as their main wedding car.