By G9ija

A civil society organization, No Sidon Look, has urged Nigerians to come out and vote massively for the candidates of their choice during next month’s general election.

Director- General of the organization, Portrait Peterson, made the appeal at a briefing in Abuja.

He urged electorates to come out and participate in the electoral process in order to usher in candidates who will best represent them.

According to him, the era of sitting down and not participating in the electoral process was over.

He said: “Ours is a simply matter, our love for our people and our country and I am sure that we express the concern of every young Nigerian, every young entrepreneur who has suffered badly over the last couple of years.

“My people, this is the time to rise up and take our stand. Rise up and take our positions in our country. This country is ours and we must make it better for all of us and even for our unborn children.

“As this election is about to start in February, let us carry our PVCs, clean it up and go out and vote. Do not say that your vote won’t count because that’s what these dubious politicians want. Come out and vote and I promise you that your vote will produce the right result in 2019.

“Let us all go out and vote for the candidate we want and after we have finished voting for our candidates – whether for Presidency, governorship, senatorial or House of Representatives, we must ensure that our votes count.”

Also, the Director, Admin, Christal Etta, stated that it was only through voting that electorates could usher in new leaders.

“Do not sit down and keep drooling on the past. Get up on your feet. If you don’t go out to vote, these people who are there will always keep being there and keep doing the wrong and still committing the ills that bring down the Nigerian society and reputation.

“For every young person, forget about what has happened in the past, this is a new slate and we are starting all over and we are encouraging every young person to stand up, get your PVCs if you are registered and your vote will definitely count,” he said.