By G9ija

Yinka Ayefele, owner of Ayefele Music House, has been assured by the Oyo State Government, that no government in the state would again disturb him over the structure.
Alhaji Waheed Gbadamosi, the Director-General, Oyo State Bureau of Physical and Urban Development Control, made the disclosure in Ibadan on Wednesday during a visit to the house.

Clearviewtv gathered that the delegation was led by Olalekan Alli, the Secretary to the State Government.

Clearviewtv also recalls that the Music House was partially demolished by the state government in August, 2018 for contravening the state physical planning and urban development laws.

The governor later approved it remodeling and rebuilding to a better edifice on compassionate ground.

Gbadamosi said that no successive government would tamper with the structure, having rectified the contraventions in line with the state laws.

“Government has ensured that the building is restructured to meet the required specification and law.

We have rectified the entry, exit and extensions of the building.

“We also ensured that necessary adjustments are made and the structure is now in total compliance with physical planning laws of the state,” he said.

He said that the rectification of the structure has made the place much safe for motorists, residents, government and the structure owner.

Yinka Ayefele, the owner of the structure, appreciated the governor for the rectification work and approval.