By G9ija

The immediate past Chairman of the Police Service Commission, and a former Inspector General of Police, Sir Mike Mbama Okiro, has revealed that he was wrongly directed by President Muhammadu Buhari on two occasions.

Okiro was responding to the claim in some quarters accusing the police of leaning towards the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, ahead of the 2019 elections.

The ex-IGP said that as the PSC chairman, he was able to tell his principal the truth whenever he wanted him to do something which he felt was unconstitutional.

Asked of his opinion on the police being partisan, the ex-PSC chairman said, “I wouldn’t say it is true. As an IG and as a law enforcement officer and also a line or staff officer to any government or to any personality, you should be able to tell your principal the truth even if your principal wants to do something which you feel is unconstitutional.

“You have to tell him the truth. There are some cases I did when I was the IG. I wrote the president and told the president the truth. I said if sir, you appoint me the IG and ask me to do what is wrong constitutionally, if you insist, I may have to resign.

“He agreed with me and told me what I said was right. There were two or three instances like that. I said I wanted to resign. Even as Chairman of Police Service Commission, an issue came up. A person gave a directive, which was not proper. I went back to him.

“I said the order he gave me was wrong. I have to tell you it is wrong. My conscience will not allow me to do it. If he insists I should do it, maybe I will assign someone to do it for you.

“He said, yes, I was right, I was right. Later, after giving me the information or the directive, he found out that one of the governors misled him.

“He said the governor didn’t tell him the truth, so I was right. So, don’t always take directive hook, line and sinker. You have to sometimes tell your principal what is the truth. The man knows the truth.