By G9ija

Pep Guardiola says racism is a deep-rooted problem in society and praised Raheem Sterling for how he dealt with Saturday’s incident at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea have banned four supporters while investigations continue into alleged racist abuse directed at Sterling.

Colin Wing, from Beckenham, who was caught on camera shouting at the Manchester City player when he retrieved the ball from behind the goalline, admitted his behaviour was “completely out of order” but claimed he directed the word ‘Manc’ and not ‘black’ at Sterling.

Guardiola says society must change to tackle racist abuse.

“There was concern about what happened but he [Sterling] has been quite good. He made a statement, he was quite clear about his thoughts,” Guardiola said.

“Racism is everywhere. People focus on football but it is not just in football, unfortunately.
“What happens with immigrants, refugees around the world, how we treat them. We have to fight for a better society.”

He added: “Raheem said it perfectly. He is an incredible person, an incredible human being.”