By G9ija

President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines, on Wednesday again attacked Roman Catholic bishops in the country, saying they should all be killed because they are useless.

Duterte, who has repeatedly criticized the Catholic Church and its leaders in the Philippines, said that while he believes in God, bishops are fools.

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“I couldn’t have made it in life without god, but your bishops, kill them. They have no use, they are fools and all they do is criticise,’’ he said.

The 73-year-old president added that his god “has a lot of common sense” compared to the “stupid” god of the Catholic bishops.

“I never said I was an atheist; the presidency is a god-given gift. I am sure god would not have given me the position if I was bullshit,’’ he told an award ceremony for child-friendly municipalities and cities

The Philippines is Asia’s largest predominantly Catholic country, with over 80 per cent of the population practising the religion.

Duterte has repeatedly lashed out at priests and bishops for allegations of corruption and sexual abuse, which he has alleged he was a victim of when he was a school pupil in Davao City.