By G9ija

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says he has reviewed his stance on not backing his former deputy for the presidency of Nigeria .

Mr Obasanjo spoke with Atiku Abubakar and leaders of the PDP who visited him at his Abeokuta home.

He said he believed Atiku has re-discovered and re-positioned himself and is now good enough to enjoy his support in the next election.

Obasanjo said,’’let me start by congratulating President-to-be,Atiku Abubakar, for his success at the recent PDP primary and I took note of his gracious remarks in his acceptance speech that it all started here’’.

”I wish you well and just know that I am solidly behind you .
Whenever and wherever you might have offended me, as a Christian who asks God’s forgiveness of my sins and inadequacies on daily basis, I forgive and I sincerely advise you to learn from the past and do what is right and it will be well with you.”

”With Nigerians voting for you, it will mean that you secure their forgiveness and regain their confidence.
It will be with the hope or assurance of a Paul on the road to Damascus Conversion.
After all, change and conversion are of man. I believe that with a contrite heart, change is
is possible in everybody’s life and situation”.