By G9ija

The actress nominated for Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, revealed that life has been tough for her as a single woman.

Hear her:”As a single mum, life has been tough. You get into a marriage expecting that both of you would grow old together and suddenly you find yourself no longer married after being in a marriage for 10 years. And it hits you like a thunderbolt.

“The trauma alone is enough to kill one. You look at yourself and you look at your children and then the reason to live again keeps you going. You have no choice then to pick up the pieces and gradually start moving on. What does not kill one makes one stronger. That is what I have come to realise and I’m a typical example of a strong woman

My children are doing wonderfully well academically and in other areas too. I am coping well trying to raise them to have the fear of God, instil discipline in them and I pour all my love on my three lovely children. They are God’s gifts to me. But it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices”, she said in a chat with The Nation.