By G9ija

Sensational Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Dayo Amusa has stated that Yoruba actors speak better English than actors in the English speaking sector of Nollywood.

The versatile actress made this known in an interview with Broadway TV.

When asked about the perception people have about Yoruba actresses as being ‘razz’, she said:” Yoruba actors are indigenous, we are natural. I don’t see you being true to your tribe as being razz. May be I don’t get the definition of the ‘razzness’ people talk about. The fact that a particular actor acts more in the Yoruba movie sector doesn’t make him/ her to be ‘razz’.

“We have graduates amongst us and people who speak English fluently. Some actors in the English sector of Nollywood cannot withstand some of us in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood when it comes to speaking English fluently”.

Months back Dayo Amusa dropped a comment on Fathai Balogun’s post on Instagram. Many speculated that they had a rift which led to the comment she posted.

However, Amusa debunked having a rift with her colleague.

“I don’t have any issues with Fathia Balogun, people have different opinions about you. People just assumed we had a rift. I don’t crucify people for their opinion, the fact that something seems right doesn’t mean it’s wrong to me and the fact that it is wrong to you doesn’t make it right to me”.