By G9ija

The FBI has entered “uncharted territory” with the reopening of the background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, according to an expert.

On Friday, President Donald Trump Ordered the FBI to reopen the background check into Kavanaugh after the Senate Judiciary Committee requested the president to make the request for a “supplemental” investigation with a week-long deadline.

Now, the FBI is likely “organizing their resources to ensure that every field office and every agent is available to conduct” the investigation within a week, said former FBI Special Agent in Charge Steve Gomez.
The investigation would be limited to the “current credible allegations,” according to the statement from the Senate committee. That classification would fall under “any kind of allegation where there are witnesses that can be interviewed and any kind of information that can be gathered to determine whether the allegations are true or false,” Gomez said.
Agents will conduct interviews, complete database checks and research people’s criminal histories and any kind of civil litigation they’ve been involved with in the past, Gomez said, describing the background check as a “special operation.” The interviews will be confidential and conducted by professionals who are experts with these types of allegations, he said.

“They are going to pursue every lead, every bit of information possible that comes up in the interviews so they are not going to stop until it’s done because this will now be raised to the highest priority category of investigation,” he said.

These type of background checks are “very high priority” for the FBI, Gomez said. Both the bureau and the White House recognize that “time is of the essence” especially with the midterm elections coming up, the former special agent-in-charge said.