By G9ija

Sen. David Mark, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, says he has all it takes to fix Nigeria, if elected the country’s president.

Mark said on Thursday in Asaba, while on consultation visit to solicit support from the PDP delegates in Delta, that he understood the challenges of the country and could solve them.

He called for their support to enable him effect the necessary change, telling them that he believes in the restructuring of the country.

“We made a mistake in 2015, and now we discovered that we entered the wrong bus, but we have the capacity to stop that bus from going further.

“Why do I want to be the president of Nigeria on the platform of PDP? I believe that I have gathered enough experience, I understand the challenges of the country and I believe I have the courage to tackle those challenges.

“You can trust me, because whenever I made pronouncements, I have been able to honour my words, and as a politician, I have also kept my words, so I urge you to vote for me at the national convention.

“Although I want to win and I am sure I should win or may win, but in the event that I don’t, I will be in the forefront giving the support to whoever the winner is.

“I have remained PDP, my soul and my body is with PDP,” Mark said.

On the Niger Delta issues, Mark said that if he becomes president, he would address the challenges of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to make it more beneficial and ensure that revenue formula is restructured to ensure unity.

“We have the capacity and potential in Delta. I know that one of the issues in Delta is restructuring; I believe we can do it, but in phases.

“I believe the NDDC is working, but we will look at the bill that established NDDC, then improve on it so that you can get a lot of benefits from the derivation formula.

“We shall look at the derivation formula and how it can be amended to ensure the unity of this country.

“As for restructuring, you cannot restructure unless there are proper constitutional amendments; creation of additional State is also part of restructuring,” he said.

Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta, while receiving Mark, described him as a good Nigerian and trusted PDP member.

Okowa, however, said that as governor and Chairman of the PDP National Convention Planning Committee, he would remain neutral in the presidential primaries, as he would not cast a vote on that day.

“My position as chairman is that I should remain neutral, and we pledge to deliver a transparent free and fair presidential primary.

“However, I cannot deny the fact that the man, Mark, is a good Nigerian and trusted PDP member.

“I believe that there is a lot of capacity in him; he has served as senate president for eight years of high quality representation; he knows all members by their first names,” Okowa said.