By G9ija

Arsenal legend, Paul Merson has reacted to the new role of Chelsea midfielder, N’Golo Kante in manager Maurizio Sarri’s formation.

Merson believes it’s a waste of position for Sarri to allow Kante to be playing as an attacking midfielder, adding that the France international can’t score five goals in a season.

“I don’t think it’s Kante’s position in a more advanced role,” Merson was quoted by Football London as saying.

“He’s not going to get you five goals in a whole season and he’s probably not going to get five assists, it’s a bit of a waste of a position really.

“Jorginho is a proper player, he’s always looking forward, his first thought it to pass forward, but to win two league titles with two different clubs just shows how good he [Kante] is.”

Kante has scored one goal for Chelsea after six appearances so far this season in the Premier League.