By G9ija

It came as a surprise to M.I’s fans when he revealed that he battled personal self esteem issues.

The talented rapper made this known via his Instagram on Thursday, September 13th 2018.

In his words: “Daily… I’m afraid of failure… I’m afraid of abandonment… I have battled with personal self-esteem issues… people are sometimes afraid until it becomes unbearable. I’m not afraid to share some of my fears with you guys in the hope that it will free someone to share their fears too… if you have something to share… let’s meet in the comments. Good morning,” he wrote.

M.I isn’t the first entertainer to talk about his battle with emotional issues, his colleague Waje has also battled depression.

In a chat with Pulseng, she said:” The thing is, many times when people talk about depression, I always come from the angle where there is a difference between depression and anger. A depressed person does not even know that they are depressed, they will give every reason to think that they are not in that place. When you are depressed, you don’t want to eat, you don’t want to go out, your life stops literally.

“I remember that time, that was the year we got signed as Glo ambassadors so actually my career was doing really good. I just released my album, I was nominated in four categories in World Music Awards every year, money dey come. But I had anger issues, why because I just didn’t see myself the way I wanted to see myself. I saw myself through everybody’s eye. I would look at you and whatever you tell me about me is what I would accept.

“I remember one time I was so angry, I didn’t want to break my TV because na me pay for the tv, I broke my phone. Can you imagine holding a phone and bending it like literally bending it?You can imagine the rage for being able to break a phone,” she revealed.