By G9ija

Nigerian rapper and chairman of Chocolate City, MI Abaga has said he hasn’t really dealt with depression. The articulate rapper had initially confessed about being depressed on the 9th track of Yung Denzel(his new album), but the rapper has clarified that he isn’t depressed.

Abaga noted that he decided to personalize the story in a bid to not appear judgmental as he has never battled depression.

“I am lucky; I really haven’t dealt with depression. I see a lot of my friends that we started music together, I see them do that cycle.

“One of the things that has helped me is that I have tried as much as possible to be a very normal person while I am being famous, sometimes to the detriment of my career.

I see a lot of my friends that we started music do that cycle, drink, smoke, have sex and chill. A lot of young people see this and say it’s so cool. It’s not so cool; this is not how life should be”, he said in a chat with TheNetng.