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Nigerian pop star, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has come under fire for allegedly travelling to Boston for US Tour when he is supposed to be at the Lagos camp observing the mandatory 3 weeks orientation course of the one-year National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, scheme.

So many Nigerians have however expressed pros and cons as to whether the “IF” crooner has flouted the Bye-laws guiding the NYSC, scheme with his travel.

Davido, just last week Thursday, reported at the Lagos NYSC orientation camp at Iyana-Ipaja to conclude his registration, saying he was “tying up every loose end!”
Many Nigerians had welcomed his decision to undergo the compulsory scheme which requires, especially for the first 3 weeks orientation period in the camp, that every corps member must stay in the camp and in the state.

The bye-laws of NYSC states the following conditions for corps members during orientation period.

It states that, “”During the period of orientation, every member shall:
(i) Attend regularly, punctually and participate fully in all official engagements on the field, at lecture and all places of work;

(ii) Not leave the Orientation Camp or absent himself from any official activity without the written consent of the State Director or his representative;

(iii) When absent from his duties on account of illness ensure that such absence is covered by an Excuse Duty Certificate issued by a medical doctor then on duty at the camp.”

The bye-laws however stipulates that “Leaving the camp without permission of the State Director” will attract “extension of the service year by double the number of days for which the member was absent from his camp and forfeiture of his allowance for the same number of days of which he was absent.”

However, just after his registration, Davido is said to have travelled out of the country to Boston for his ‘Locked Up’ U.S tour.

This has, however, raised some arguments among Nigerians as to whether Davido was permitted to travel and or; whether or not he flouted the NYSC bye-laws.
While some said he did flout the bye-laws, others said he did not.

Below are their arguments on twitter:

Many many people have died for different reasons because OF NYSC and Davido and that Kemi woman just made bullshit of the whole scheme. Nigeria is really messed up
— Wakeel (@__tunde) 3 September 2018

I’m still quite puzzled about what Davido and NYSC are doing.
If this was a stunt, let be be said, cause it has messed up the integrity of the exercise, especially after the Finance Minister’s episode.
I was actually rooting for him to at least complete the 3 weeks exercise
— BeingHumanAintEnough (@realdanielemeka) 3 September 2018

The Lagos camp commandant after hearing that Davido is on tour in US after NYSC registration days ago
— Iseunife The First (@Shawnife_) 1 September 2018

NYSC bye Laws stipulate that a Corp member can leave the Orientation Camp with the permission of the State Director,abi?
That explains the Davido thing. And why he may not have broken any Laws
— Wodu Wakiri The Wag (@Oddy4real) 3 September 2018

Is Davido still in NYSC camp ? Or d guy don fly out for his regular concert. Everyone is unlooking bcoz it’s Davido…..d guy get money abi. D guy no break any law abi ? It is well sha.
— Mallam Ibro Audi (@batabosso) 3 September 2018

Don’t blame Davido for flouting NYSC camp rules. Blame NYSC and your country for condoning such flagrant disrespect for its laws and rules. I’m not sure that Yusuf Buhari has served and for all you know, he already has a discharge certificate. Don’t blame Davido.
— Air Raid (@OdogwuOgbete) 3 September 2018

Finally! Someone spoke my mind. Been thinking of how to put it into words but @O_Nife just finished work on this piece. Thank you.
I don’t like the nysc thing but if you’re gonna do it don’t insult the scheme.
Davido insulted the scheme. Simple.
— Amaka👓 (@AmakaUdehF) 3 September 2018

Finally! Someone spoke my mind. Been thinking of how to put it into words but @O_Nife just finished work on this piece. Thank you.
I don’t like the nysc thing but if you’re gonna do it don’t insult the scheme.
Davido insulted the scheme. Simple.
— Amaka👓 (@AmakaUdehF) 3 September 2018

just one question, if Davido remained in camp, and all soldiers and officials treat him as just another Corp member. Will his fellow Corp members do the same? Do you in your opinion feel the environment will be safe, comfortable and condusive for him?
— Yorubad Boi 💢 (@yb_olaleye) 3 September 2018

The hypocrisy in this reply is…the environment that other corps members are subjected and forced down their throats to is not conducive to Davido because….he is a sacred cow…
— Baamofin Lu’Jesha (@O_Nife) 3 September 2018

I won’t be surprised if Davido has his NYSC certificate already and this is just for news, which shows how a joke of a nation Nigeria is.
— Oluwaseun (@Quineniola) 3 September 2018

1- Those of you attacking Davido over this NYSC and traveling outside the country matter need to read your NYSC bye-laws cus it’s clearly stated there that a Corps member can travel outside the country with permission from the DG of the NYSC.
— G°ds°n OpPa ™🇳🇬 (@godson_oppa) 3 September 2018

Davido just showed the world what Nigeria is all about: lack of discipline, disregard to set down rules, showmanship, etc
Young ones will see this and tell themselves I must hammer too.
— Bill Gates’ Maiguard (@knightofdelta) 3 September 2018

The people that are ranting about Davido’s special NYSC privilege actually expected too much of the system. The moment i saw him in khaki, I knew it was just going to be for ceremony & pictures. U people weren’t really expecting him to be doing PPA,clearance, CDS #ThisIsNigeria
— Evans’ Heart (@EvAnSJeNs) 3 September 2018

All of a sudden Davido not doing camp is the beginning and end of NYSC please let’s be serious that scheme is a money grubbing joke that is of little to no value. Dead your thread, it’s razz.
— Abike (@Jollz) 3 September 2018

I don’t get how people are not seeing that it’s not even about Davido, but the system.
There are people who were refused exit even with very serious reasons
— Business only PLEASE! (@Marrgarritah) 3 September 2018

Someone attacked me o. That davido has done more good than the president. They dont understand the argument. Its sad and its one of our problems in Nigeria. I have nothing against OBO but he took a piss on a federal scheme and shows that he wont regard the law much if in power.
— bundu bundu (@EmekaOnyenacho) 3 September 2018

I can’t believe u people are talking about Davido not staying in camp. When regular people don’t even stay in camp if they don’t want to. You people are full of envy and ridiculous! Every chance u get, u use it to show your wicked hearts. God forbid!
— SHE (@PoshAgabi) 3 September 2018

I camped with kids of Prof Jega and Sen. Bello Kanti. Jega’s kids came and leave camp with the deputy governor, returned with them on POP and leave again.

Kanti junior left after a week or so. Rich and powerful Nigerians hate Rules. Davido just up the ante. #NYSC
— Akobi-Wenger (@Abdulhaphiez) 3 September 2018

Imagine Davido in the camp sef, people no go behave
— Odeyemi Babatunde (@TweetThif) 3 September 2018

Davido when he received 19800 alawee
— DAT MINNA BOY (@DATMINNABOY) 3 September 2018

I had this funny dream last night where Davido left Chioma and started chasing me about. I was even forming for him small.
Pls tell me it’s not a sign of Malaria

— Adaeze (@NigerianBrain) 2 September 2018

NYSC is doing Davido 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭#NaijaVirals
— Naija Virals (@NaijaVirals) 1 September 2018

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