By G9ija

It was celebration galore last weekend in Awo Idemili community of Anambra State, South East Nigeria when the family of Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Udeolisa welcome their bouncing boy on their wedding day.

The bride, Mrs. Chinaza Udeolisa delivered the bouncing baby boy on August 25th, which was her wedding day and still made it to St Gerald’s Catholic Church, Oba, in Awo Idemili where she eventually exchanged marital vows with her husband.

According the bride, the de­livery on her wedding day was a huge surprise as her expected day of delivery (EDD) was mid-Sep­tember, with the baby arriving almost three weeks earlier than the scan results predicted.

“I was surprised when I started feeling dizzy and sign of labour three days to our wedding but I dismissed it as part of the pre-wedding planning stress because the doctors gave me up to September middle to expect the baby”, she told our reporter.“I was still dismissing the signs up till the morning of our wedding, but as the makeup artiste was still fixing my nails, it reached the stage that I could no longer bear the pains”, she added.

The husband who upon receiving the good news rushed to the church to plead with the officiat­ing priest Rev. Fr Dennis Ekene Chukwudindu to grant them some extra time to enable the wife get cleaned up and prepare for the wedding.

“I am very happy at least the joy of a new baby and that of wedding is now complete,” Mrs. Udeolisa declared, noting her gratitude to God for such quick delivery.

According to her, “it’s God that made everything possible because it is not easy that I arrived the hospital and, without wasting time, delivered safely”.

“I had planned on how to embrace the reception with my dance moves but I can no longer do that because this bundle of joy has already done all that for me”, she added.