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Falz, real name Folarin Falana could do no wrong in the eyes of fans. He has their love and knows this well and has been the next big thing since sliced bread as far as the Nigerian entertainment industry is concerned.

However, that may not be the case right now, as the rapper just stepped on the toes of many of his fans.

Falz hosts ‘On the couch’ with Laila Johnson. The show is about interviewing politicians aspiring for office.

Last week, the duo interviewed 2019 presidential aspirant, Donald Duke, an interview that was really interesting to watch. Only yesterday, Eunice Atuejide a presidential aspirant was interviewed ‘On the couch’.

Falz and Laila have now come under fire for how they ‘treated’ the National Interest Party(NIP) presidential aspirant.

Viewers argued that the interviewers were condescending and unprofessional, treating her without respect because she isn’t as successful as Donald Duke.

They also attacked Laila, for being a feminist but didn’t even acknowledge that Eunice mentioned that she was raped.

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– jeffrudeen@VillageParrot

What Falz and Laila did to that Eunice lady was uncalled for. She should have walked out on them, really.

I can’t believe Falz would stoop that low.


Laila is your typical e-feminist, no empathy even when a woman just told her she was raped. That she and Falz are unprofessional is not even surprising but for a feminist overlord like Laila to feel next to zilch for a rape survivor is unbelievably shocking.

Kelvin Odanz@Kelvin_Odanz

Falz is a disappointment.


I learnt something from that extremely condescending interview by Laila(especially) and Falz with Eunice Atuejide. Even in the face of such blatant condescension, you can rise above it and let you positivity shine through. Solid woman.

The Ynxxx™@Yxclusive

I can’t take that on the couch show seriously because the Laila and Falz brought a different energy for Donald Duke & then a completely different energy for the other people who aren’t ‘successful politicians’ yet e.g Eunice, Sowore etc.

Let me also add that Eunice was brilliant

Ofishea MrFingle@ofishea

The way Falz is taking this homosexuality issue on “On The Couch with Laila” so serious, I’m beginning to suspect his gay.

That Andy@AndyMadaki

So far Eunice has been the best candidate interviewed on the couch with Falz & Laila. Obviously not scared to talk about certain things like the others who were obviously being careful not to step on toes.

That Andy@AndyMadaki

Eunice spoke on some serious & personal topics like being raped, this is a major issue affecting lots of women, Falz and Laila missed that. This is because every interview now wants to get gems or hit numbers by focusing on Homosexuality or feminism. Let questions lead to others

Prof. Yinka@GalacticoHD

You a Feminist and you putting a woman on the spot, bullying her with your “feminism truths”.
That Laila & Falz interview was painful to watch.


Eunice is smarter than her interviewers.

Interviewers were trying too hard to show that they are smarter and more informed.



Falz and Laila lost me so many times.

Where is there a need to oppose every opinion of your guest?

It’s an interview and not a debate.