By G9ija

Dr Raphael James

Joseph Blankson — My HERO
Great men are ordinary men with extraordinary determination, 36-year-old Joseph Blankson, sacrificed his life for others. After a boat mishap in Bakana Rivers State, Mr. Joseph a family man of three, two kids and a wife dived into the river, not thinking of his own life, he rescued 13 occupants of the boat that were drowning and when he dived for the 14th person, he never came out alive. Details of the whole events and more photos coming on my blog.

This is the account number of the young wife that Joesph Blankson left behind, show her some love, make her to cry less, make her believe that her husband is a true HERO.
NAME: Mercy Chika Nwankwo
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0114367078

Pls share this, and help her too, nothing is too small she needs us to believe herself and forge ahead.