By G9ija

Plane crash survivor turned singer Kechi Okwuchi , who emerged a finalist in the 2017 edition of America’s Got Talent, has undergone another surgery.

The singer had the surgery on Tuesday, 7th of August 2018, adding that it is a non-invasive surgery.

She made this revelation via her Instagram page saying:” So I had the second of 3 rounds of co2 laser surgery today at @shrinersgalveston and as always, it went well 🙂 it’s non-invasive guys, so I’ll be at full strength in 3, 4 days ☺️ some might feel I’m oversharing, but all lives are made up of hills, valleys and plateaus, and I wanna share a bit of everything with y’all, so I thank God for a successful surgery and I pray for a smooth and whole recovery!”
Recall that the Kechi once gave an insight into her experience during the Sosoliso plane crash of 2005 that killed all but two passengers.

Narrating the events before the crash, she said: “My last memory in the plane was just holding a friend’s hand. She was right next to me, the other aisle seat, just trying to pray to get out of the situation and escape into something else.

“We never got a chance to do that because we heard this really weird loud scrapping metal sounds and I must have blacked out at that point because I was waking up in the hospital in South Africa five weeks later.”