By G9ija

On-the-rise-actress Ebun Hodo might not be a household name yet, but the screen diva is sure her amazing acting talent will open doors for her.

Hodo who also doubles as a fashion designer in a chat she said there are fake people everywhere , not only in Nollywood.

According to her:” Fake people everywhere my dear, in your family, even I your place of work. It is not an issue to talk about”.

The University of Calabar graduate of English and literary studies also added that Mercy Johnson Okojie inspired her to become an actress.

Hear her:” I’ have had passion for acting right from when I was a child, but who really got me inspired to make a move was Mercy Johnson in the movie “Comfort my soul”. In that movie, she acted alongside Van Vicker.

When asked how she combines fashion designing and acting, she said”: Acting is a passion is what I love and enjoy doing. What will one do if it’s not paying off ? I had to combine them, when acting comes I move, when modeling comes I embrace the opportunity.This applies to my fashion designing too”.