By G9ija

A certain Nigerian On air-personality, Misimolu recently stirred the hornet’s nest when she said Tiwa Savage shouts whenever she sings.

Mismolu made this known on her radio show during a chat with Yemi Alade.

In the video which has sparked mixed reactions on social media, Mismolu said:”Personally speaking, I have heard Tiwa Savage, I heard her a couple of weeks ago and she shouts. But she(Yemi Alade) sitting right here, I can hear her range . I am just stating the fact this gets me in trouble all the time. She is here giving me goose bumps and I heard someone just a couple of weeks ago.Your range is quiet exceptional”, she told Yemi Alade.

As expected, this assertion has generated a myriad of opinions on social media. While Tiwa Savage’s fans believe she is better than Yemi Alade, Yemi Alade’s fans believes she is a better singer.

Read the comments gathered by TheNewsGuru below

@Jimoh: Today Na obono soup tomorrow Na Johnny give Uche Belle, next Na tomatoe rice😂 most of yemi’s lyric are wack but it pays her bills so continue

@Ceesignatures: These are two successful women, no one should pull the other down

@Lahaute: I’m still looking for d song where she shouts… Both are good in their different and unique ways

@Vincentbanj: And the mumu take the compliment despite the invovlment of bringing down her colleague? I will never fuck with her. Tiwa all the way

@Chocandy: when I hear “it’s yemi alade” I press the next button unconsciously. If she doesn’t have I in her phone then how does she hear it? U see, some of us are still struggling on our feet yet we know how to badmouth other people’s business when clearly, the person did no wrong. How would all of u feel when u are being talked down in your offices despite your efforts and people tell u to your face i can never patronize your business, I hate your packaging please I’ll go to next shop.

@Johnnieinferno: Yemi alade is very petty, she couldn’t even step in to defend a professional colleague. The OAP has catarrh and it hasn’t only affected her voice but blocked her brain as well. Silly

@Jay2dboy: Women talking down on each other.. it’s nothing new. But wait oh, this one with her cracked voice like ceramic plate when break! TIWA is on a different level girl! And if this is your opinion shove it in your armpit, cos I wouldn’t wanna use the other word. Britico wanna be, we gan when school for abroad sef we no twist tongue like this.