By G9ija

Fondly called Nollywood ‘bad boy’ Jim Iyke has over the years become one of the most sought after and misunderstood actors in Nollywood.

The outspoken entertainer known for his admirable sense of fashion has shared his thoughts on the recent spate of killings and tragic incidences in the country.

Speaking in an encounter with TheNetTV, Iyke said in Nigeria, the government gets away with things they are not meant to get away with, adding that Nigeria has one of the worst leaderships ever.

“It has been a terrible month, I hate June, 2018. It has been registered in our mental archives as one of the worst months ever, this not the time to trade blames. We have one of the worst leaderships ever and it’s not a question of contest anymore, trust me, as people, we are so passive about certain things that happen to us that it just begins to look like sheer ignorance and we are not those kind of people.

“We are one of the most informed people. I do not understand how some things happen in here and this Government gets away with things or any other government for that matter. Our people literally just wake up and have a certain propensity to absorb some of the most tragic shocks and just take it with a smile and move on. We now wear it like a badge of honour to go through pain and come out with our heads up!’It’s not enough for people to point at celebrities all the time and influencers and say it is not enough, I have a lot of direct messages from fans saying I should say something or add my voice to the people who and I told them I am not going to do it, I only put my voice on a platform that is the loudest, after all the noise, what are they going to do about it”?