By G9ija

Beautiful budding actress, Omalicha Elom isn’t your usual celebrity afraid of pouring her mind over issues that her dear to her.

The actress known for her vocal opinions said women should be blamed for the increase in the baby mama trend in our society.

It is no longer news that entertainers like Wizkid, Davido, Patoranking, Solid Star, Timaya all have baby mamas whom they are not committed to matrimonially.

The light skinned actress shares her opinion on the surge in the baby mama trend in a chat with TheNewsGuru.

” The women should be blamed for this because some of them are lazy and desperate. The men shouldn’t be blamed at all because they didn’t rape the women that want to be baby mamas neither did they tell them not to use contraceptives after unprotected sex”.

On being a victim of sexual harassment, Elom noted that a producer once grabbed her boobs during a movie audition

Hear her:”Yes a producer grabbed my boobs all in the name of audition”.

When asked about what she would love to change about Nollywood, she opines that she would love to see a decline in the way producers ask for sex before they give upcoming actresses roles.

“I will love to see a change in the way some producers ask for sex from upcoming actors in exchange for a role and not paying for roles. Every worker deserves his wages”.