By G9ija

One Dr. Ajibola of the Accident and Emergency Unit, Ondo State Trauma and Surgical Centre, has been accused of pouring wound irrigation fluid on a nursing officer, Oladele Olayinka.

According to Fellow Nurses Africa, the incident happened at about 11:30pm on Saturday, 9th of June 2018. Olayinka was said to have sent a porter, Mr. Jimi, to the pharmacy to get drugs for a patient.

However, Jimi was hijacked by Ajibola who told him to help irrigate a patient’s wound. The Nurse, after waiting for his return with no success, eventually got to know of the development from a medical student. .

This allegedly angered the nurse and she went to where Jimi was carrying out the new task assigned by the doctor and demanded that he should go back to complete the previously delegated task while she offered to continue the care of the patient with the doctor. .

FNA reported that instead of Ajibola to accede to the arrangement, he resorted to calling Olayinka all sort of abusive names.

As if that wasn’t enough, he allegedly took the wound irrigation fluid and poured it on the nurse in the presence of the patient and other members of staff.
According to FNA, no disciplinary action has been taken against Ajibola, 5 days after the incident. However, the National Association Of Nigerian Nurses And Midwives, is working to ensure that the matter is not swept under carpet.

The nurse has also made an official report, through the Director of Nursing Services, to the management of the institution.