By G9ija

Let us face it, using public toilets does not come naturally to some people particularly because they have phobia for contacting germs and infections. But there are instances where one can not withstand those pressing uneasy moments and that is when the available in this case public toilets become useful.
They have become life savers preventing saving people from embarrassing situations. That being said, find below tips to follow when using a public toilet:

1. Ensure you double check the lock of the public toilet. By doing so, you do well to save yourself from embarrassment when someone barges in unexpectedly to see you pants down.

2. Don’t be too eager to open closed toilets lids. It might be an indication that the closed toilet is messed up or unclean. Exercise caution in such situations.

3.Don’t shake hands with someone who just finished using a public toilet. Any form of contact at all is not encouraged.

4. Do well to get a pocket sanitizer to stay clean and safe from infections.

5. Lastly, ensure you leave the toilet cleaner than you met it or would like to meet it.