By G9ija

A sausage seller, yesterday, begged a man to let her eat the expired sausages she was selling after the man paid her off to let him destroy them. .

The incident happened at Ojo, opposite Army Barracks, Mile 2 – Badagry express road, Lagos. .

Writing about the experience, the man identified as Olagunju, said: “My encounter with a local vendor today.. I was getting PMS at a fueling station and decided to get sausage rolls at the local vendor around the corner. I asked for two and noticed they are expired, I checked all and same thing. .

The woman selling said she just got them to resell and I couldn’t help but to buy them off her hand for disposal. She was still begging to eat them after which I told her of disposing it and the implications involved. .

Government needs to monitor vendors who are unaware or ignorant of the implication of ingesting expired stuff. It’s not only established vendors that need attention. .

People (especially people deprived of education) needs awareness on health issues. It’s imperative we advocate the significance of checking products before consumption.”