By G9ija

The call for an end to the excesses of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit of the Nigeria Police has once again come to the fore as Nigerians from all over are expressing their displeasure over the activities of the supposedly ‘super cops’.

The #ENDSARS campaign had trended earlier in the year, when notable Nigerians had suffered one form of abuse or the other in the hands of the operatives.

But just about a week ago, it seems the campaign has generated some added momentum just that this time it appears louder.

‏ @Chilexx_crooner

“The best news out of Africa right now #ENDSARS.. I just hope its not bobo Juice they are giving us”

‏ @OlanariDonald

“#EndSARS before SARS urges Anarchy. The government will keep quiet about this till they hear that Sars officers where burnt to death with their van. These guys are criminals not law enforcers.”

‏ @IamAbolude

“If they Can’t #EndSars ..they should just reform them to be like SWAT… Is that too much to ask for”

‏ @john_danfulani

“SARS isn’t an anti-robbery unit of @PoliceNG ,it’s a cluster of liberties terminators & sadists.Sequel to that, we are unanimously saying:#EndSARS”

‏ @PascalOparada

“Yinka and Zibi, what do think about the #EndSARS campaign that has resurfaced on social media again, this time with great intensity? “

‏ @No_drossy

“#EndSARS SARS in the east, west and south are the worst of all. I left lagos for north because i can’t withstand SARS harassment anymore. Here in the north, you walk freely even infront of the Police station but will you ever try that in Lagos, Oyo, Delta, warri, Ekiti etc”

‏ @__perez94

“I‘m leading the next #ENDSARS camping in Lagos & I’m ready to finance it as well. If you reside in Lagos, please come out for this protest, don’t be a coward. Together we are stronger. We will match from Lekki to Tinubu’s residence in Ikoyi.”


‏Verified account @AmnestyNigeria

When Amnesty International researchers visited the Abuja #SARS interrogation room at the “abattoir” in 2016 they noticed one of the officers holding an iron bar, which was immediately hidden under a table on the instruction of the officer-in-charge. #EndSARS #EndSarsAtrocities

‏Verified account @SympLySimi

Also, some of these policemen aren’t actually even SARS or high ranking Police Officers. So I ask – what is the criteria for handing a law enforcement official a GUN? I’ve seen and encountered drunk policemen with GUNS! #EndSARS

‏Verified account @AmnestyNigeria

How #SARS torture detainees: At about 7-8pm the police would call out names of detainees, who were then taken out and tortured. They ask suspects to lie down and they will be hitting them with rods all over their bodies telling them to admit that were armed robbers. #EndSARS