By G9ija

The website consists of updates on her career, as well as on her initiative ‘’Project Alpha Woman” (PAW) and is introducing a fitness, wellness and lifestyle blog segment for women.

The Nollywood sweetheart, who revealed in one of her articles that she battled anxiety disorders says,

‘’This is an eventful stage of my life. Through my blogs and other avenues, I will be sharing some of the difficult experiences I have faced and that I am still facing, with the desire to encourage and empower women to draw strength from one another. I am hoping every woman, young and old, can find this platform to be a “safe place’ to share our stories and our journeys, to connect with other women who have powerful capabilities, and to motivate, inspire and uplift one another, whilst aiming for wellness of our body, mind and soul.

“Project Alpha Woman” is for every woman; Ladies who are backbones of their families, single moms who provide for their children and even young girls who aspire to make an impact in the Nigerian society and across the continent of Africa. The goal is for every woman to live a strong, successful life and to reach our full potential.