by G9ija

You may be smart, talented and going places fast. So do not let overdone makeup looks distract colleagues and superiors from your professional awesomeness. Stick with these tips:

Do not do fake lashes to the office.
It is best you save the faux lashes for Saturday night. Can you imagine if a few fell off midmeeting? Or if you had a glue malfunction to manage during a conference call? Oops!… we do no’t want to imagine it.

Avoid dark eye makeup
The last place you need to get heavy-handed is the eyes, especially from 9 to 5. Not only is the smoky eye look unflattering, but people might wonder if it’s leftover from the evening before.

Blend your bronzer into hair-line
The key to making bronzer look natural is “blending…into your hairline and down to your décolleté. You can also apply a matte bronzer with a large makeup brush, for a polished, office-appropriate finish.

Be subtle with lipstick
Nudish-pink lip colour is a great option for the workday. It will subtly perk up your entire face but won’t leave those nasty edges on your coffee cup or seem too loud for a 9 A.M. meeting.

Go easy on the eyeshadow.
A thin line of light brown eyeshadow and a line of a black liner is the ideal answer to office eye makeup. It’s not too flashy or glittery.