By G9ija

A woman was filmed furiously arguing with an employee at a cafe before pooing on the floor and hurling it at the employee’s face. The unnamed woman was arrested shortly

after the dirty protest at a Tim Hortons restaurant, a coffee and fast-food chain in Canada. New Isis video shows Ronaldo and Messi being beheaded at the World Cup Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested the woman in Langley, British Columbia, last week.

A video of the gruesome incident was posted to YouTube on Wednesday. It begins with the woman furiously pointing and shouting at the employee at a cash register. She then whips off a jumper tied around her waist and rolls her trousers down. The male staff member continues to talk to her as she squats down, but he scurries away when it is clear she is defecating.

The woman was still arguing with the cashier as she proceeded to take off a jacket that was tied around her waist and pull down her pants (Picture: Live Leak) Moments later, she grabs the faeces from the floor and hurls it towards the employee before pulling up her trousers and storming out. Luckily, a barrier behind the woman prevented other diners from witnessing her actions. Police officer Holly Largy told The Province in Canada that the woman had been arrested and released from jail. The woman is due to attend a court hearing at a later date, she said.

The woman then picked up her faeces and threw it at a waiter (Picture: Live Leak) In a statement, a spokesperson for Tim Hortons said the altercation took place after the employee denied the woman access to the toilet ‘based on past behaviour and out of concern for the immediate safety of team members and guests in the restaurant’. ‘As matters escalated, the Team Member contacted local authorities for assistance,’ the statement concluded. The chain said customers are not required to buy an item to use the toilet but some restaurants may need a buzzer or key to get into them.