By Olatunde Fapohunda MD

The Family of Oluwafunsho wishes to celebrate the life of their wonderful loving mother Mrs. Margaret Celina Mofolayomi Oyafunsho.
Taiwo & Kehinde Oluwafunso’s late mother’s funeral program.
*17th May, Wake Keep Prog. @ her residence @ lpaja.
* 18 th May, Friday,
Church Service @ Apostolic Faith Church, Greenland,Jakande Low Cost Housing Estate, Abesan , lpaja, Lagos.
TlME:10 a.m
*lnterment & Entertainment of Guests@ her residence @ 1, Faith Avenue, Off Aloba St.Majiyagbe, Church Bus Stop, lpaja, Lagos.Thanks.



My dearest maami, You’re gone to be with your creator, Maami too soon, I love you but God Love’s you must, your love, care, and understanding will forever remain in my memories. You’re wonderful,  strong, firm and highly disciplined, reliable, dependable even in the face of storming weather, Mum, I’ve never encountered anyone more joyous healthier in soul, spirit, and body. I’m quite incapable of remembering a wrong or anyone so completely and humanly and generous like Maami, that’s what you. Adieu.  Toyin Oyafunso.

Our Dear Mother and angel, you have always been a pillar, friend, and a true counselor. You were a soldier of Christ, guiding us with prayers and you never spared the rod when necessary. Maami, you are a great mother to us and a loving wife to our late father. You are a woman fighter, you always stood your ground, you are gentle but principled and firm, you never wave in the fight against injustice. Maami, you are accommodating, you are a great cook, our friends and wives enjoyed your soup during our courtship. Iya Ibeji, strangers always prefer to stay in our house because of your good spirit. Goodbye, Adie, Abiamo rere. Mr. Taiwo and Mrs. Taiwo Oyafunso

Mum! Oftentimes you were despised by neighbours and kindred….. You never deterred nor bothered the inherent nature for truth, love, steadfastness and rectitude in your life is unmatched…. You are loved by few; by those that stands out for peace and perfection… are a perfectionist. Your unflinching love for everyone is amazing l You and our father are exemplary of God’s love, contentment and righteousness. Hallelujah! You walked away in victory….death where is your sting grave where is your victory. Hallelujah. Idowu Oyafunsho.


Dear Mother you gave me a gracious man with whom to share my life with, for the love, acceptance, expressions, your prayers, care, sleepless nights…you indeed a RARE GEM and I thank you for everything you have done. I wish God could spare you for few more years. So that we could hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain…Oh beloved mother you will remain un-equaled, and un-replaceable in my life. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. ..Afolakemi-Toyin Oyafunsho

My wonderful grandma, you taught me so many things and the love for the true God.

I never knew you will leave so soon. Grandma I will fulfill all the promises I made to you by the special grace of God. Goodbye, to a caring and marvelous grandmother. Omodele Adebusola.

Oh, my mother each time and moment I remember you, tears rolls down my cheeks. You are indeed a Godly mother, a caring, hardworking and intelligent one who taught her children the way of the Lord. You lived a simple Godly life that never abhorred grudges with fellow human being. Mother you told me to fellow you but I never know it will be this soon. Who will fill the vacuum which you left behind? Ah  no one. I know we shall meet on that glorious day where we will part no more.

`Eyeji, Iya rere, goodbye I love you so dearly. Abidemi Adeyemi.

I today remember all the month we spent together. Your departure news came to me like rude shock, good night until resurrection morning. Kayode Adeyemi.

Our dearest and sweet grandma. How we love you so dearly you are our superstar and heroine. We will miss and love you forever. Goodnight loving grandma, we will missed your loaves of bread.

Victoria, Oladotun, Fayifunmi  and Temidayo. 

Sweet Mum, irreplaceable and unshakeable home builder. A cheerful giver and mother of all. Every thought of you is like a voice that unfolds. I mean the last moment and hours’ interactions with you like a playlet, when the savior visited on that glorious afternoon and was encouraged to request and commune your needs and supplications, which you did, not knowing the GREAT HOUR had come and gone so soon like the whirlwind in the desert. My mentor, friend and twins sister. You helped as you journey on and your living was not in vain. You are done with the troubles of the world, like Elijah’s chariot, gone to live with your maker. Goodbye sweet mum (EyeiEji). Ann and Adewale.

Our lovely Sister and Mother, We thank God for the life well spent, We believe you have gone for your rewards; We’ll always remember your prayers and your commitment in Majiyagbe Bible Study Center. Good bye, till we meet at the feet of Jesus.     Majiyagbe Bible Study Center




Sister  Margaret Oyafunso, was born on the 18th March, 1943 in llumoba, Ekiti State. Her father was Pa David Oluwasanmi – Ofi, who hailed from Ebi Undo family in llumoba and her mother ,Madam  Rachel Adenokola- Ofi,a.k.a, Fulani, was  another devout Christian ,hailed from llumoba,,Opoto family, and later migrated to lgbemo to settle there.


Sister Margaret Oyafunso , started school late due to the love her father had for her and due to the fact he did not believe so much in female child education, but with persuasion of friends and families, she was released in 1956 to start her primary education at ljan-illumoba Primary  School, where she completed her primary six education. She attended Anglican Modern School, Ogbomoso, from 1962 – 63, under the tutelage of her elder brother, Evangelist Joseph  Ayeyemi Oluwasanmi, who was a teacher, and anytime he was transferred ,the whole family moved with him to his new station. The next transfer saw her uncle coming to lbadan, the old Western region .


She took to typing as a hired typist and a company secretary, she worked as a secretary for that famous writer , D.O. Fagunwa, in the year 1963, at Ajanla Street, Oke Ado, lbadan, Oyo state, on her husband’s instructions, she gave up working in the office to become a full – time house wife ,to be able to take adequate care of her children ,she agreed and like the mother of John and Charles Wesley, she raised up her children in the fear and wisdom of God. ln 1980, she later further her career in catering after raising up her children, she became a caterer, supplying the then Up – John Pharmaceutical company, Arab Bank ,Toyota Motos, Daily Needs and most secondary schools in lsolo /0kota areas. She was also the official baker for UNESCO ( United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural Organization), where her  husband worked for years. Her services was second to none, she was engaged by UNESCO from 1980 – 1986, until most of the experts from Europe America and Asia, went back to their respective countries.  She later finally went into trading in selling food stuffs and cooking food for the public. She was a very neat woman, meticulous, prudent, reliable, responsible, God fearing, a lover of other people and a mother and guardian to other children that are not her own.

In 1992, they moved from Gbagada to their new private house in lpaja .


She got married to Brother Zacchaeus Oyafunso in1963, at Oke Ado, lbadan , where they both met . Before coming in contact with the gospel, an lfa priest was contacted that said that sister Margaret Oyafunso will die after giving birth to a child, meaning she cannot live long, but thank God, she lived far above seventy years and survived by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren .They were both devoted Christians, studied the bible together, prayed together, planned together and executed projects together. Sister Margaret Oyafunso was a gentle woman just like a dove , a diamond , virtuous wife to her late  husband,  she loved very clean environment, just like her husband, she made great sacrifices for her husband and children, she dressed well. She was like the merchants ships that bringeth their food from a far, she girded her loins with strength and ate not the bread of idleness, never afraid of the snow for her household for they were clothed with scarlet. Her husband also praised her.


She was born an Anglican, before he marriage to her spouse, who was a Muslim by birth before his conversion to Christianity in 1966.she got her three Christian experiences of Salvation, Sanctification and Baptism of the Ghost. She served diligently in the vineyard of her Lord and Savoiur, being a team member under the leadership of Rev. Mike Onayemi and Bro. D. K. Olutimehin and as a kitchen staff at Anthony, Abesan and lgbesa, till she stepped aside to continue taken care of her late husband till death did them part .She lived a simple Christian life that never held grudges against anyone.


Sister  Oyafunso took ill after the New Year as she could not attend church services again, rather she requested the ministers to continue praying for her. On the 22nd March 2018, she breathed her last after a divine visitation and glorious communication with her Saviour to be called home from this sorrowful world.