by G9ija

Nigerian popular and effervescent media personality, Toke Makinwa has stated that men are selfish. Toke made this known in the current edition of her blog where she shared life’s lessons from the movie ,Acrimony produced by Tyler Perry.

According to her, most women spend a good part of their life enabling a man and putting their dreams on hold to help the man build his own dream.

Hear her: ”Guys are selfish, it’s just in their DNA, and it’s the truth. They are wired to think one way. We women are a bit more emotional and we can think in different ways. This is not disrespect to the guys. Men are selfish that is just what it is. We have them in our lives as fathers, friends and brothers”.

Toke further shared her own personal experience saying, she’s had past relationships where she felt like showing the guy that she’s a ride or die thinking that’s what really makes the guy look at you differently and stay with you, but it doesn’t always work that way.