by G9ija

A loyal dog prevented angry motorists and police from waking up its drunk owner who was sleeping off a hangover in the middle of the street.

In the footage, filmed in Colombia, the pooch lies on top of the man and barks at anyone who comes near him.

The golden-coloured mutt licks its owners face and paces around his body in a circle to try protect him.

As one onlooker tries to shake the man and wake him up, the animal springs into action and barks at him until he backs away.

Seconds later a policeman approaches to deal with the disturbance, but finds that the protective pooch will not let him anywhere near its drunk owner.

It nuzzles into the man’s face, lovingly trying to wake him up, while the cop attempts to get closer.

The guard dog barks at the approaching policeman while a resident informs the officer: ‘The guy is drunk.’

The dog sits by its owners face, closely watching the crowd of onlookers.

When the policeman tries to gently shake the dozing drunk, the dog springs up and nips at his outstretched hand.

Eventually, the owner begins to stir and someone craftily removes the bike helmet he was sleeping in while the dog was distracted with the officer.

The owner wearily lifts his head and gives his beloved pooch a loving pat before getting a ticking off from the cop.

The video was recorded by onlookers and shared on social media where it amassed 650,000 views in 24 hours.

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